One Year Ago

My first IG story for the challenge #standoutstories! I saved it in the album “Meet the Girl” in case you want to check it out!

My first IG story for the challenge #standoutstories! I saved it in the album “Meet the Girl” in case you want to check it out!

A year ago, today – I was probably a little angry that Bachelor in Paradise (BIP) didn't air on TV as planned. My husband watches BIP with me, which makes it fun. He doesn’t watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette, so I need to fill him in on all the drama. You are probably wondering why I’m bringing up BIP from a year ago. First, I’m excited the new season is airing on Monday!!! Second, I joined an Instagram challenge run by a branding genius @ashleychymiy. The first challenge was to look in the mirror and reflect on where you were a year ago, and honestly, my first thought was about BIP. If that’s not a facepalm moment, I don’t know what is.

In all seriousness though. A year ago, I launched my blog. Yay!!! I was happy and scared out of my mind. The thought of “am I enough” must have crossed my mind a million or more times. Would anyone connect with me? Would my writing and social feeds make any impact? With all the content that one can consume, would they choose mine?

I’m not going to lie; those thoughts still cross my mind but not as much as they did a year ago. Over the last year, I have interacted with women that I would have never met otherwise. I’ve learned from those who have succeeded and those on their way to success. I’ve also reset along the way and learned to forgive myself. I realized I was very enthusiastic when I first launched the blog and a bit of a perfectionist. I had set myself up for failure as I couldn’t maintain the schedule I started with. I work full time, and as you’ll learn, my career aspirations fall in Corporate America, so I don’t plan on leaving the workforce any time soon. I had to dig deep and realize my blog would remain my side hustle and would have to share time with work and family.

I’ve also had to step back from the blog a few times. While hard, it also seemed natural to let it drop. Ladies, one day, I sat and looked at the blog and considered deleting it. That was probably my biggest low in the last year. I’ll write about what led to that moment in a future post – but know it was difficult. I received a bit of a “wake up call” when asked if I was okay – because I hadn’t shared an article that I’ve written in a while. I truly appreciated that someone missed my blogs and was worried about me. I am okay, and I can’t thank you enough for checking in!!! The inquiry helped me realize what I am doing is worth it. Sharing yourself through writing is hard. It’s almost like I’m tearing sheets out of my diary and posting them for all to read. Some of the things in my blog, are things I wouldn’t speak about with anyone. Writing is my outlet. I have blogs written and unpublished, as I’ve been afraid to share some of them. I promise they are coming soon. I’m in a courage-building mode right now.

I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in a year from now! I’m sure it will be way different, and I will gain even more confidence. Next time you have a moment of doubt, think about where you were. I’m sure you’ll see progress and realize you are a lot farther along than you thought you were. It feels awesome to recognize your accomplishments. I encourage you to pull out a mirror and take an in-depth look at where you were 365 days ago. It’s a pretty positive experience.

P.S. The IG challenge I mentioned is all about posting stories. Please check them out and let me know your thoughts. 😊