Friday Favorite - It's the Season

The holidays are coming; the holidays are coming! Are you short on ideas of gifts to give? This Friday Favorite is featuring a gift I received a few years ago from a dear friend. It is one of my all-time favorite gifts. I am not sure if he knows that it would have a such a big impact on my life – but it did. 


It’s a beautifully decorated vintage postcard and picture frame. Even though it’s Christmas themed, I’ve contemplated leaving it out year-round because I love it so much. I am a huge fan of glitter and sparkle which the gift is full of, but I like it because it was made with me in mind. I had recently lost both of my kitties within a few months of each other and the gift honors that as the postcard has two adorable kitties.

The Manhattan

Knowing the gift was made specifically for me and that it was relevant to my life means so much. Whether you like to get crafty or buy gifts the more, you personalize the present, the better. Giving someone something they can relate to makes it unique. You don’t need a big budget to personalize a gift. It’s putting yourself in their shoes (something we should be practicing in our careers too 😊).

Personalized Gift Ideas

  • If you are crafty steal the vintage postcard picture frame – it’s fabulous!

  • Mouse pad – I’ve gifted this to my team at work before with the nickname we had for our department.

  • Find a fun picture frame and put a favorite picture of you and person you’re giving it to.

  • Dress up cocktail napkins with initials or a name.

  • Add initials or a name to stationary set or notecards.

  • Gifting a purse or workbag – see my Breaking Glass Girl bag for how perfect a personalized bag can be. Create a customized card to build up the gift you’re giving. If you're getting a gift card for a golfer, decorate the card with golf clubs and balls, it will help tell the story of what the gift card is for.

  • Want to surprise someone with an experience? Get a postcard or pamphlet from it and gift that with a message instead of the ticket itself.

I’d love to hear your ideas for gifts for friends and family or your co-workers. Share your thoughts in the comments.