Friday Favorite - Gift Giving

Kind is the New Classy.

As I’m sipping a glass of wine while I write this (it’s been a long week!) – I thought this Friday Favorite was so fitting.


Can you believe it’s almost November!?! Where did the first 10 months of the year go? We’re entering the holiday season and I’ve been starting to think about the different gifts that I’ll purchase. I think personalizing anything and everything is the way to go. I also like timeless pieces. And I love giving gifts. I get a lot of joy from the excitement a person has when they get a gift that fits them.

One of my go-to gifts is personalized wine stoppers. And my sister knew how much I liked them, so she got my husband and I a monogrammed set. The wine stoppers are perfect to dress up any bottle – it doesn’t have to be wine. The stoppers can be used at a party, a fancy dinner at home or to dress up the empty bottles on display. There are a lot of companies that personalize them and there are various materials available too. The stoppers pictured are crystal, but there are metals, glass, wood and so much more.

Places to Shop

Any gifts that you like to get? I’d love to hear all about them.