Friday Favorite – Relaxation at Home

Kind is the New Classy.

I’ve fallen in love with salt lamps. They are a block of Himalayan salt with a light and have a pretty pink hue. Plus, every lamp is unique. There is science behind the salt lamps, which you can research – I’ll give a brief overview of what I learned.

As I sit here in Hawaii, I am having trouble remembering what day it is. This trip I've enjoyed starting my day with a yoga class by the pool. I feel like I am getting sucked into the allure of why people travel to the big island. Sitting here all I want to do is keep this feeling when I return home. While it will be impossible to keep this feeling forever, I am a big believer that there are things you can do at home to keep your place relaxing. It’s super important to set up a space that lets you unwind from the day and recharge.

  • Salt lamps help clean the air by taking in the air when the lamp is off by collecting water molecules, then it releases negative ions when the lamp is turned on. This is what I took from everything I read. There is a ton of information available though.
  • My husband, and I got them because we read that they can help with anxiety. After having them for a few months I would agree that the lamp helps. From the orange-pink glow to the look of the lamp, there is something that instantly relaxes me, even after the craziest of days.

  • Also, when we read that they help improve sleep – done. Who doesn’t want a better night sleep? I would say that getting a better night sleep, was probably the biggest change I noticed. Whether it is a placebo effect, or not – in my mind it’s working.

  • The lamps are also supposed to help improve your mood and allergies. While I am not sure if my mood improves while I am home I do think my allergies have improved. I especially notice in the morning; the symptoms are not as bad.

We turn our lamps on the minute one of us walks through the door. Every single day. While the salt lamps can’t capture what a vacation can give, it’s my way of achieving relaxation in our home.

Important: If you have pets, do your research. I have seen multiple articles about how too much salt is bad for both dogs and cats.