Friday Favorite

To write is human, to receive a letter: Devine!
— Susan Lendroth
Kind is the New Classy.

We write emails, texts and social posts on the daily. When was the last time you pulled out a card or stationary and penned a letter to a co-worker, friend or loved one? If you can’t answer recently, I suggest you give it a go. Writing a personal note to someone can give your mood a boost.

I write cards for celebrations, just because, appreciation or to say thank you. Professionally, I generally stick to thank you cards. People know handwritten notes takes extra effort – so your action doesn’t go unnoticed. I delete emails and texts, but many times I hold on to handwritten notes.

Pro Tip: Send a handwritten thank you card after your next interview.

Lovepop card

Lovepop card

My Favorites:

  • Lovepop. See how cool their cards are!!! 
  • Papyrus – They have a card for every occasion. About 95% of the cards I use are from their brand.
  • Note Cards – I think these types of cards are classic. Check out the first picture in the blog. I’m on the search for the perfect note card for Breaking Glass – Girl on the Rise. Suggestions? Let me know!
  • If you’re feeling crafty I challenge you to make your own. It makes a BIG impact and is so fun to watch the recipient open it.

Happy writing!