Broken Glass Is Beautiful

Kind is the New Classy.
I like the fact that glass ceilings are breaking all over.
— Nancy Gibbs

Here we are in 2019. I hope your year is starting in a way that’s right for you. This year I am putting myself and my family first. It’s been a tough few months for a few reasons, but I’m pulling myself out of my funk and moving on. Things hit me harder than I’d like to admit. I am a strong person. So, when I crack, it takes time and damage sets in slowly. It also takes me a bit to recover.

That’s one of the reasons it has taken me a minute to write. When you’re not feeling 100% yourself – how can you be open, honest and genuine? Now, that I’m putting myself back in control, I have so much to write. I need to tell you all about the conference I attended – that changed my approach to the blog. I have learnings from my career that I’m sure others can relate to. I’ve found more cards that I love. The art of writing a handwritten note is something that I’ll hold onto forever. Also, I’m reading a book I can’t wait to share with you.

There may not be a set schedule for when I post or what I write about – but I can promise you that everything will be real. It’s all from me, a Girl on the Rise, looking to break glass. One teaser about the conference I attended, is that I left realizing that I need to write for me, and I need to post on social for me. That’s when the real stuff comes out, the journey progresses, and learning happens.

I’m excited to share with you what I’ve learned, how to grow and share other women’s journeys as they break glass. I have some great interviews in the works for Champagne Celebration.

My mindset has changed, and I am open to and inviting opportunities. I will say “yes” first and think about the steps after. I’m ready to embrace all that life presents and am willing to challenge myself to be better. I expect to feel out of my comfort zone, uncomfortable, worn out, excited, passionate and like I can conquer the world. Bring on the highs and lows – I’m ready to dive in without hesitation.

Join me on this journey. Set goals and smash them.

Let’s use this opportunity that we’re given each day to break glass.