What I'm Reading - June

This month I’m feeling empowered. There are so many women taking action, running businesses and helping other women. I’ve been reading tweets and blogs from two very different sources. The Time’s Up movement is POWERFUL and it’s great to see action in progress. Reality TV is a guilty pleasure of mine and I think the women on various shows I watch have perfected styles and looks. Big Blonde Hair takes away the mystery of how to recreate their look down to an accessory.

Breaking Glass Girl Women in action is super sweet!

Time’s Up

Learn the latest of what’s going on with the Time’s Up Movement.
WHY I LOVE IT: It’s powered by women who are demanding much needed change.

Big Blonde Hair

WHY I LOVE IT: This blog was started by Lauren Sebastian (love the name) and it started with a passion. Her blog covers the fashion, beauty and décor found on major television shows.