Break Glass with Your Goals

Breaking Glass Girl Goal Post-It

I am a thirty-something (a nod to all the Sex and the City fans) in a world full of ambitious types. You’ve got the people who have multiple degrees, the entrepreneurs that always have a great idea, the networker who can befriend anyone, and the people who are truly passionate about what they do and stop at nothing. Sound familiar? I’m sure you can even list a few other types that I missed.

At times you might find yourself being envious of the skills they have and that you lack. What do all of these successful types have in common? Goal setting. I am willing to bet at some point whether formal or informal they let their minds picture what it means for them to “make it”. I first day dreamed about being a powerful businesswoman at the age of 11. A VP of Marketing to be exact. As time went on I grasped onto to my dream and I used it as my "why" to push myself professionally. Did you see what I did there? I moved from a day dream into my dream and then transitioned the thought into my professional “why”. Now all goals don’t need to be big or take multiple years to complete. I set goals on my birthday each year for the year ahead. Also, I set goals like “on Friday, June 29, 2018, I will wake up 45 minutes early and go for a run, or more like a walk/jog”. That goal is short-term, challenging and now I’ve published it creating accountability. Check my social accounts on Friday, June 29 to see if I completed my goal. In all transparency, I haven’t run or completed a walk/jog since December. Friday will be a struggle. Omg.  

Goals can take many forms and guess what? There isn't a wrong way to create a goal. Goals give us a way to conceptualize a thought we’ve had. I’ve written goals on Post-it notes, scraps of papers and in notebooks. Just an FYI, not everything you write will turn into a real goal. You’ll edit, you’ll change, and you’ll question what you were thinking. And it’s okay. I recently got this piece of advice and it applies to this topic. Challenge yourself to think BIG and plan small.

Setting goals can be easy. 

My sister Kyle is breaking glass in her career and she raves about her favorite daily goal setting ritual. She uses this super cool book called the Panda Planner. Not only does it help you with your goals, it’s designed to positively add to your daily grind.

I appreciate that I have a tangible reminder to express gratitude and to think of things that I am excited about on a daily basis. It is a nice balance to the usual schedule and to-do list.
— Kyle
Panda Planner.jpg

-          SMART Goals: This is a method that I use a lot. Usually, I start BIG and then I start to turn the dream into something specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. My goal of running on Friday uses this method. Watch this video to learn more about the method from the company that created it.

-          Journaling: Write down everything, I dare you! The best part is that your goals are hidden in your writing, so there is no formal goal setting pressure. Reading your written thoughts provides clarity and allows you to see what you want to achieve.

-          Vision Boards: Not a writer? No worries – using pictures or items will get the same results. By creating your board, you’re committing to the dream. Seeing it on the daily reinforces it and keeps you focused. I found this great short read on everything you need to know about how to get started. I’ll be giving this a try soon.

The great thing about goal setting is that it is personal. You can choose to share your goals like I did about Friday – yay for accountability! I challenge you to take five minutes within the next 24 hours. Go grab your pen, computer or find images and start letting your thoughts flow. I’d love for you to share your goals with our community. Find Breaking Glass Girl on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share them. Don't forget to include #breakingglassgirl.