Breaking Glass Girl Author

Hi, I’m Lauren Elizabeth.

In college, I was introduced to the concept of the glass ceiling and the impact it can have on a career. It was obvious to me that I’d need to set myself apart in order to achieve my goal of becoming a VP of Marketing. Have I made it yet? No. Will I? Yes!

And you’re along for the ride. Breaking Glass – Girl on the Rise is here to be a sounding board, provide inspiration and validate that you aren’t alone in this journey. My readers are women who are on the rise. They are hungry to achieve the next level at work. They also at times feel vulnerable and need a place to turn without judgment.

After hours you can catch me hanging with my husband at the beach, with friends and family or indulging in my guilty pleasure of watching reality TV. I mean a girl needs rest after breaking glass.

I’d love to hear your stories, topics you want covered and how you break glass. Write me!